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Sugar(less) Cookies January 30, 2014

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Excited to try this recipe!


Cottage Cheese. Buy or Make it?

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Our Life without Sugar

One great snack that is ok for most people with Candida is cottage cheese (try not to buy the non fat since it will have higher sugar levels). After finding yogurt so easy to make at home I thought about trying cottage cheese. Has anyone out there made their own at home before?  Any tips or tricks to give me?  Here is a link below to Mother Earth News article on making it:

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Our Life without Sugar…. January 14, 2014

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Our Life without Sugar….

Check out my new blog on learning to cook for someone who has Candida and my adventures it trying to be healthier!


Gravity’s greenery January 8, 2014

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A beautiful poem by my number one guy! ;D

The ancient eavesdropper


A welcome mat
of moss, soft to
the touch, growing
out on a limb or
up a tree trunk,
gravity’s greenery.

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