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A different knowhow May 17, 2013

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A different knowhow. Great poem to really have you think about nature and how we live our lives.


Gravity’s ghostly grayscale grip May 5, 2013

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Love this poem and photo from my husbands collection. 😀

The ancient eavesdropper

Gravity's ghostly, greyscale grip

All is ghostly, crooked, silenced
at the mercy of nature’s influence –
her uncontrollable gravity grips
pine needle, sap, cone and
rolling mountain
in one infinite foothold.

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Vatican uncovers first known depiction of Native Americans

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Very interesting!

Bryan Patterson's Faithworks


The first European renditions of Native Americans, made shortly after Christopher Columbus returned from a first trip to the Americas, may have been discovered under layers of dust on a neglected fresco at the Vatican.

Preservationists working on a Renaissance fresco in the Vatican have uncovered what experts believe is the first European representation of Native Americans, from 1494.

Writing in the Vatican’s semi-official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, the director of the Vatican Museum, Antonio Paolucci, said the previously unnoticed detail was discovered in a Resurrection scene painted by the Renaissance master Pinturicchio.

Covered by centuries of soot, the restoration of the painting revealed a small depiction of naked men with feathered headdresses who appear to be dancing. A man on horseback is also visible.

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Our prayers are with victims of 2013 Boston Marathon… April 17, 2013

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Our prayers are with victims of 2013 Boston Marathon...

Yesterday when my coworker told me that someone had set off two bombs at the Boston Marathon, I felt sick and scared at once. What has happened to our world? Are we to become like Ireland or Israel, fearful each time we get in a large crowd, always looking for that one person ready to kill and mane us? Tonight there are runners laying in hospital beds in Boston, who will awake alive, but with no legs or feet. Something that has driven them and made them who they are, and now they no longer have that. On days like yesterday I wish God could reach down and take us all out of the insanity. I know that runners are strong, and they will pull through this, but I can’t stand to see next what some tortured soul will taint for us forever. I just keep seeing this photo in my head and know I must keep running. We must all keep running.


10 Black And Whites Of The Boys April 12, 2013

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Fascinating history!



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Today I met with some very special people who put their heart and souls into teaching the next generation about the beautiful and amazing nature all around us! I stopped by the Avery House Nature Center and sign up to help out when I can. I sat down in a little chair made for a 6 year old and a little table to match. Around us were flash cards, hand painted animal mobiles hanging from the ceiling, books, turtles, and even two live frogs! What a treasure for families in the area and our community!


Thank you!

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Thank you!

A very big heart felt thank you goes out to mishunderstood for nominating me for my first Liebster Award!